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Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.

Geiranger – Trollstigen – 2015

Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on…



Some pictures of my dog Baxie who was 9 years old. A wonderful companion

Protected: Easter trip

Nice / Monte Carlo / Monaco – Open Album

Some selected pictures from an adventurous trip to France with good colleagues in 2015

Sweden 2016

Photos from our holiday trip to Sweden in 2016


Pictures of my first travel by plane over to the States to visit my aunt…


Handsome holiday to Rhodes with boat ride across to Marmaris in Turkey

Strømstad 2007

Handsome trip to Stromstad in Sweden in 2007

Our Wedding July 14, 2012

Pictures of our wedding where we were married in Eidsvoll Church and had a reunion…


Morning hike to Barkamountain in Jorpeland to film a Timelapse and test my new GoPro…


Nice evening walk to Selemork in Jørpeland - Ryfylke with "Max the dog"


Nice hike to Aadnahovet in Ryfylke


Nice hike to Taurafjellet in Ryfylke

Botsheia – Ulvaskog

Nice hike to Botsheia - Ulvaskog in Ryfylke

ATV 2016

ATV Tour in 2016 along with father

Portraits with weapons from 2016

Photos from 2016

Pictures of Fishing trips in 2016

Pictures of some fishing trips in 2016


Holiday tour to Denmark where we visited many nice places with a lot of history

Mallorca – Alcudia

Holidays to Majorca - Alcudia where we got to experience an amazing adventure and visit…

Prague – Czech Republic

Adventurous trip to Prague so we got to experience Christmas market


Some pictures from the drive up and around in Eidsvoll

Jorpeland – Ryfylke – Norway

Some photos showing a bit around the place I live


Film clip showing our days on the shooting range

Film clip showing most recent trips

Video clips of our most recent ATV tours

Video clips of our most recent ATV tours

ATV 2007

ATV Tour in 2007 in company with father and brother

ATV 2009

ATV Tour to the Oslo and across to Langedrag in 2009 along with father

Our Aquarium

Some pictures from our aquarium and some fish we had in the start

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